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KSRA Youth Activities

The Millcreek Jr. High Power Shooters Group

The Millcreek Jr. High Power Shooters group was founded by Mike Van Dyke who started shooting NRA High Power five years ago and wanted to have his son shooting beside him. He now coaches a group of four boys that he recruited through his participation in Boy Scout campouts and meetings. This December they were the lucky recipients of a KRSA Grant. They received the grant the day after Christmas and used it to purchase three spotting scope stands. The stands will be used for their 2012 practice and matches that will include the Nationals at Camp Perry in Ohio. The KSRA is proud to help sponsor this group and can’t wait to watch them excel during this coming shooting season!

Pictured: two of the boys competing in a high power match

KHEIA Youth Hunt November 4th and 5th

The KHEIA held an essay contest in which successful hunter education students were able to compete for a KSRA sponsored expense paid hunt in Russell County, Kansas. The two lucky winners were Dylan Schrad and Ryan Hasenkamp. They and their families enjoyed a complimentary dinner at which the two young men were presented with new CZ shotguns, shells, vests, hats, gloves, and cleaning kits. The next day the boys enjoyed breakfast and then a lesson involving firearm familiarization, target shooting, and training in how to shoot over gun dogs. The day ended with both young men bagging a bird. The KSRA looks forward to sponsoring future youth hunts!

Dylan and Ryan with their dads.

KHEIA board members and Kent Barrett, KDWPT and winners

Ray Fischer and winners hunting north of Wally's house

Cowley 4-H Shooting Sports

On the first Sunday of every month from October 2010 to May 2011 the Cowley 4-H club held monthly shooting practices for its members. The practices were for various fun shoots, state qualifiers, and state competitions. The Cowley 4-H club also provides an annual meeting with guest speakers to encourage and support their member’s lifelong participation in gun discipline activities. This year the Cowley 4-H club expanded its monthly practices from bb and air rifle practice to include air pistol and hunting skills that helped to increase their member participation. The KSRA looks forward to seeing more member participation and further sponsorship of the Cowley 4-H Club!

Sunflower State Games

The Sunflower State Games are held each year in Topeka Kansas. Each year I try competing in the FITA and 3-D events. This year was a special year because I got to shoot my new Hoyt Ultra Elite bow that I got from my parents for my 16th birthday.

Saturday July 17th I shot in the 3-D event. 3-D is like a hunting simulation that you walk through in the woods and stop and shoot at all different types of foam animals and get points for how well the shot is placed on the animal in the kill zone. This year the course was a very difficult, but fun. I felt that I shot well and I had a great time competing Sunday July 18th was the FITA part of the competition. That’s when I found out that I had won my division. WOW that was a great achievement.

I shot a 410 out of a possible 480 in my 3-D event and took 5th in FITA with an 821 out of a possible 900.

Caleb Paterson
Prairie Fire 4-H Club
Wyandotte County Kansas

Thank you for the donation!!!!!! We had tons of fun, we did great on the test, and we got...6th overall!!!!!!!! On the test we got best test scores overall with three 100s and two 98s. Afterwords, we had a great time at the pool and at pizza hut. The daisy museum was cool too.It was fun seeing the early models and comparing it to the modern models. We liked meeting new people and having new experiences. One of our team members got 1st place overall!!!!!!!! So, just thank you so, so much for this support on this new experience!!!!!!!!

Thanks again,
Michaela Augustine


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