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KSRA Foundation

The Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) Foundation was designated in 2000 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501 (c)(3) public charity for the purpose of raising funds to support legal sport shooting programs in Kansas. Initially the funds were directed towards juniors, but the focus has since been expanded to include other shooting activities. The KSRA Foundation raises funds, invests them, and makes the income from those investments available to the KSRA Grants Committee to support shooting programs primarily for juniors and women. Examples of activities receiving funds include the support of travel of B.B. Gun teams to national competitions and juniors to Intermediate and Advanced Olympic Shooting Camps, shooting events of Boy Scouts, Women on Target programs, collegiate trapshooting clubs, 4-H Regional and State Shooting Championships, exposing inter-city youth to shotgun shooting, supporting hunting events for handicapped individuals, and the likes.

The KSRA Foundation Board of Directors is an elected non-paid body that voluntarily undertakes and supervises the activities of the Foundation. The Foundation has no paid staff. The Directors have engaged The Trust Company of Manhattan to oversee the Foundation’s investments and expedite the receipt of bequests, gifts of stocks and bonds, and handle donations of real estate and other property of value. Funds are raised through direct mail, auctions of guns and sporting equipment, and gun raffles. Donations to the Foundation serve as charitable tax deductions for donors, to the full extent allowed by the IRS, and provide vital funds to carry on shooting traditions cherished by the donors.

The postal address of the Corporate Office of the KSRA Foundation is P. O. Box 392, Norton, KS 67654-0392. The Federal Tax I.D. Number of the KSRA Foundation is 48-1229269.

KSRA Foundation information Brochure

2017 Raffle Flyer

2017 Raffle Insert

2016 Raffle Winners

The Current Officers and Directors of the KSRA Foundation are:

Position Last Name First Name Home PH# Email Term
Chairperson Roberson Derrick 785-877-5517 2020
Vice-Chairperson Murphy Marc 785-877-5517 2018
Treasurer Sharp James 785-877-5517 2019
Secretary Hobbs Vesta 785-877-5517 2018
Director Augustine Edward 785-877-5517 2019
Director Wenger LaVon 785-877-5517 2020
Director Sheldon Steve 785-877-5517  
Associate Director Robel Anice 785-877-5517    
Associate Director Richardson Larry 785-877-5517  

KSRA FOUNDATION 2017 Annual Report

Vesta Hobbs, Secretary

The Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation, Inc., held its 2017 Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors on February 19, 2017. The Directors met at the Arthur-Green Law Firm in Manhattan. The 2016 years business was reviewed. The Directors recognized special contributions by Mrs. Robert Robel for purchasing the Remington Wildlife Calendars used as incentives for last fall’s contribution drive and her donations of Dr. Robert Robel’s hunting related items.

The Income/Expense report for 2016 was reviewed. The Foundation funds are invested in The Trust Co. and showed an increase of 10.56%. The Foundation is just $75,000 short of reaching its second goal of one million dollars. We plan to exceed that goal in 2017. The funds are invested in a Balanced Growth model which is conservative, and has been successful since the Corporation was established in 2000. There are no paid employees and Directors do not receive any compensation. The administrative expenses are kept at no more than 9 percent, which are the necessary costs of printing and postage, corporate, bank and Post Office fees.

In 2016 the Foundation paid over a record $21,000 in grants for Hunter Safety Clinics and Camps, High School and Collegiate Sporting Clay Teams, Assisted Hunting Trips for youth, women, veterans and disabled hunters. We helped with expenses for Junior shooters to attend National Championships, including five BB Gun Teams. In 2017 the amount of grants is increased to $26,000. Many of our High Schools participating in the Scholastic Clay Target Program are applying for help with expenses.

The Foundation also has $191,000 in a special account donated by Midway Inc., which can only be used to create or add to Scholastic Shooting Trust Funds for Kansas Schools or Junior Clubs. This is money we will be disbursing this year. Larry Richardson is working on making contacts with eligible teams now and can be contacted at if you are interested. This gives a team money for expenses that is in their own Trust Fund and money they know they will have each year. Larry can give you more information on rules and how to make application.

The Foundation has had six Directors since it was established. The Board amended the By-Laws to allow no less than 6 and no more than 9 directors of the Corporation as determined necessary. Steve Sheldon, Holton, KS. was elected as a new director for a three-year term starting in 2017. The Foundation now has 7 Directors on the Board: Derrick Roberson, Manhattan, Chairman, Marc Murphy, Augusta, Vice-Chairman, James Sharp, Norton, Treasurer, Vesta Hobbs, Norton, Secretary, Ed Augustine, Junction City, LaVon Wenger, Sabetha and Steve Sheldon, Holton. Associate Directors are Anice Robel and Larry Richardson.

Each year the Foundation has held a Multi-Gun Raffle in the spring. We were having the drawing for winners of prizes at the KSRA Annual Meeting when that meeting was held in June. This year the raffle will again be held in the spring with the drawing at the Foundation headquarters in Norton on June 11, 2017. KSRA is now having its Annual Meeting in April and it appears it will be in April each year. The Board determined we will sell raffle tickets at 2017 Annual Meeting and in 2018, we will try to hold the raffle starting the first of February so we can have the drawing at KSRA’s annual Meeting again.

The Foundation Board of Directors wants to extend their thanks to KSRA and its members for helping make the Foundation the success it is. Members generous donations made along with dues, mail in contributions and donations of guns and hunting accessories has made the Foundation the success it is today. As the Foundation continues to grow and is able to give more support to Kansas shooting sports and safety events, all of us who wanted to see future generations have the same freedom and enjoyment of outdoor activities we have can be proud of our support. You may contact the Foundation if you need information on including the KSRA Foundation in your estate planning


Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation
Special Members

CHARTER MEMBERS  (Contributions of $250 to $499)

Gary  L Allan

Kraig R Anderson Kurtis W Baker  Kent Baldock Merlin J Banker

Robert E Blecha

Dr Michael Borkon   Robert Boyle Jr. T W Bruning Jeff H Bryan

Bradford Burnison

John Carnahan Carr Auction & Realty Carlos Clarke Stacie Contreras

Richard B Cooper

Carol H Crumb Robert T Curry  Robert J Dameron Dennis Denning
Scott Dimick James Dolbee Terry Donahey Jeffrey L Eder Larry R Endecott
William  J Etter Jim Fallis Don M Farmer  Stephen L Foster Robert O Gaarder
R F Gantz  Norman Gardner   Geary Co. Fish & Game    Fred Gibbs Ed C Gifford
Richard C Gilcrease   Dr James W Gordon    Brian T Gray      John E Green     Anthony Gronan      
Thomas Hall III Allan D Hallock  Steve Harkness Ronald E Harris  Thomas F Hastings
Kevin J Hayden George Hiss; Darrell M Hosler Keith W Houghton Robert D Huber
James R Imel Roy Jackson Dale F Jenkins Terry D Jone Dick Kelley
Ltc. Julia M Kirk Michael D Kline Danny L Lattin Eugene V League Jr Dale F Leikam
George E Loughin Michael G McDonald Larry L McKee  Larry McMeins  George T Meires
Darrel R Miller David D Miller Harve Lee Morrow Ruben Muro Jr. Larry Nelson
Norman G Ollif Dennis L Paxton Frank Peppiatt  Kevin R Peterson Kenneth Pfaff
Martin W Phillips  David K Ploutz Robert R Prellwitz Kent Radcliffe Louis Rasmussen
Gerald J Richmeier  Riley Co. Fish & Game Dwayne Ross  Robert E Ross Roger H Russell
Sand & Sage R&P Club Augustus D Sanders Rodney E Sattler William D Schilling Mike M Schraeder
Michael L Shepard Clayton J Short Estie L Siebert Kenneth M Simpson Don Skinner
Gary A Smith St. Johns Military School Kenneth C Staab Timothy Stroda Family John Sutherland III
Charles B Talbott   Bobby M Tillman Charles Vorse Dan Wasson West Waugh
Michael I Wentz Mrs. Billie Whitney John & Bette Young    

BENEFACTOR MEMBERS (Contributions of $500 to $999)

Donald D Alexander Joseph Arterburn Robert L Aufdemberge Alan D Birk Gregory K Blattman
Bruce Block Breidenthal Snyder Foundation Capital City Gun Club Larry Dearden Dale Engels
Nathan Fink Mike Flagler Gary R Gantz Richard L Gilliland John A Griffith
Leo Groff Jr. Vesta Hobbs Adolph M Holub Glen H Jennings John H Jones
William G Kennedy Jerome E Kusy Sr. Ludwikoski & Associate Harold T Mauck Jr. Russell McCauley Jr.
Steve McGee Boyd D Metz Jr. Frank O’Brien Larry R Ochs  Walter A Owen
Ella C Parsons Joseph Pientka Richard Rader Dan R Ricketts Derrick Roberson
Rex Rogers Robert Shull Ronald L Sisk Gary A Skeet Floyd E Smith
Jimmie W Smith Charles T Stumpf Jim Supica Jay E Thomas Richard S Toon Sr.
Dennis E Tougaw Rudolph Vopata Sr. Chester Voss Lloyd W Weller  Bill Wilson

FOUNDER MEMBERS (Contributions of $1000 or More)

Frank D Carriker Phil Chain  Gary R Coffey Donald D Deatherage James C Dozier
Richard Ford  Michael A Frisbie Ralph Goodwin Beau K Kansteiner John I Kelly
Lloyd J Loomis Richard R Lundquist Michael L Matthiassen Frank C Mercurio Mark L Miller
James C & Mary Moyer Botlee & Deborah Palmer III  Robert K Petro Gaylord Richardson Larry J Richardson
Charles Scott Jr. Randell L Sedlacek James M Smith Stanley Stohr Steven L Stone
David & Judy Tillemans Allan H Walker Frank L Wielandy William Winsinger  

SUSTAINING FOUNDER MEMBERS ($1000 initial contribution + $1000 annually)

Ed Augustine Britt Brown Scott Carlson Albert Darling, Sr. Ronald H Davis
Donna & Michael Egan Hodgdon Family Foundation Herbert Klaskin James L LaFrenz Mill Creek Rifle Club
Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Anice M Robel Zachary H Shafran Scott D Shane James Sharp
Robert & Patricia Stoneking John E Weaver Arlynn Weinman    

LEGACY CIRCLE MEMBERS (Total Contributions $15,000 or more)

Royce S Rearwin (dec’d) Dr. Robert J Robel (dec’d) Wallace N Weber Brenda and Larry Potterfield


Seven Less TaxingWays to Make a Gift to the
Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation

There is no better time than now to review your financial and estate plan to ensure your familys goals are being met. Supporting the Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation by making a planned gift can be an effective way to support the shooting sports for generations to come, while receiving financial benefits and/or saving taxes.

Eight of the most common types of gifts are:

1.  Cash Contributions: Contributions to the Foundation made prior to the end of the year are deductible from taxable income in 2009 (subject to IRS limitations).

2.  Bequests: You can name the Foundation in your Will or Trust as a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate, and the bequest may reduce the federal estate tax or state inheritance tax liability of your estate.

3.  Appreciated Assets: Donate stocks, bonds or real estate, and avoid capital gains taxes on these assets.

4.  Paid-Up Life Insurance Policies: When your family responsibilities decrease and your policies are no longer critical to their well-being, use them to support the Foundation’s work.

5.  Retirement Plans: Tax-deferred IRA and 401K plans may be extremely vulnerable to high income and estate taxes. Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary may reduce these taxes and allow you to leave other assets to heirs.

6.  Charitable Lead Trust: A charitable lead trust would generate funding for the Foundation until the time comes to transfer the remainder of the fund to your heirs. In the meantime, taxes can be minimized.
7.  Charitable Remainder Trust:  A charitable remainder trust can provide lifetime income to you or your heirs, along with some tax benefits. When the income payout period ends, the remainder of the trust flows to the Foundation.

Gifts to the Foundation should be designated to The Kansas State Rifle Association Foundation”.  If you have any questions about setting up an endowment through the Foundation, please contact Robert Robel at 785-532-6644, or one of the other Foundation board members.

Estate Planning Brochure

We recommend that you consult your tax, legal or financial advisors before making estate planning decisions.

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