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KSRA members will note a dramatic change in Chips n’ Ricochets, the official newsletter of the Kansas State Rifle Association, starting with the January 2010 issue. Our goal was to recreate the great newsletter that you all enjoy with all of the same features, match results, great editorials and news of importance to Kansas gun owners, but with a lot more pizzazz.

As a result of the unprecedented growth of our organization, President Stoneking wanted more of a magazine look and feel. The Editor in Chief is Larry Richardson who has always done a fabulous job putting together this publication.  Printed on glossy magazine stock with color pages you will find content appealing to all interests.

In order to keep the high standards and timeliness of reporting, we on the Publication committee will need for you, the members of KSRA, to send us your comments, schedules of events such as matches, gun shows, etc., reports of matches and other worthwhile news that may be of interest. We would especially like to get your personal stories about hunting trips and shooting experiences. If you have ideas to share with all of us, we want you to send them to us.

Submittals must be in an electronic format either as an attached MS Word document or PDF attached to an e-mail. Submissions should be sent to Larry Richardson, Editor at and to Kathleen Wade, President at Items may appear in both the newsletter and on the website.

Please send your items, reports, etc. no later than the 15th of the month prior to the date of each publication. For the January – March issue the deadline is December 15th, for the April - June issue the deadline is March 15th, for the July – September issue the deadline is June 15th and for the October - December issue the deadline is September 15th. It takes a while to put these things together so please do your best to help us out.

The Publication Committee looks forward to providing the best possible product befitting the great organization that is the Kansas State Rifle Association. Your assistance is vital as are your efforts to help grow one of the best NRA-affiliated State Associations in the country.

Larry Richardson – Managing Editor

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Chips n’ Ricochets
Advertising Rates and Policies:

Rates are discounted for advertisers who commit to running in 4 consecutive issues. New or changed ad
copy must be submitted 2 weeks prior to publication without proof and 4 weeks prior with proof.

All ad copy is subject to publisher approval for appropriate content. Payment must be submitted with ad copy.

Publication Size: 8 ½” x 11”
Format: 2 Column
Color: Black & White, Halftones

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Publication Dates:
January 1
April 1
July 1
October 1

Today our membership represents over 8000 individual men and women and over 20,000 individuals who are members of affiliated clubs.

Rate Changes:
Rates may change based on current circulation but will not affect advertising submitted with payment prior to the rate change.

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